About us
We will create for you a green house at the highest ecological level.
Many companies in Israel claim to be engaged in green building, but did not specify with what materials they use and give misinformation and misleading
Ben Ami Green Building specializes in green building, with 25 years experience.
Ben-Ami Green Building is a member of the Renovations Contractors Association in Israel.
We perform all construction work in a German European ecological standards.
We create your desire for green building, best European quality.
The owner – Daniel Ben-Ami – is a Jewish German engineer specialist roofing and building, the only Israel. Graduate of 10 years of study and academic specialization For Constructions and roofs in Germany. Among other things Mr. Ben Ami degree and specialization in the field of energy saving and ecological construction in Europe.
We can create for you a home that will save up to 90% of your annual energy cost, by using natural and green insulation – boards of clays and hemp insulation – we import exclusively from abroad for this purpose.
For illustration, we use thermographs images – which describe the energy output pathway from the house – before and after the work is completed.
We invite you to come in and see also our additional activities – building energetic walls, method airy front plus Ben Ami roofing and construction.

We hope you enjoy the site and you get the impression about the work we are able to perform.
Annual energy consumption per kilowatt units


Energy consumption without insulation


Energy consumption with basic insulation on the roof.


Energy consumption with advanced insulating blocks to steam on the roof, according to the German standard.


Energy consumption with advanced insulation and vapor blocking walls where insulation is installed using Method Front airy made by hemp


Energy consumption in a house with advanced insulation installed on the roof, walls with insulation made from hemp, airy front and roof with steang steam with a system of walls with photovoltaic system and energy storage system.

warning! Polystyreneconcrete = Insulation toxic!

From Ben-Ami Group Heating and energy production
by using fuel cell
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