Method of Front airy
Front airy method is the highest standard insulation system that produces energy savings.
Effective isolation
Most of polystyreneconcrete plates, but there are also other types of insulation.
In Israel, not many know the method of coating the walls of with the method of front airy and thus insulating performed without interval
Of 2 cm required for the transition conditions. This means that the wall was “not breathing” and water stored in the wall
If this is not treated in time, appear after a certain period mold and fungus in the walls.
In addition, In many cases people put insulation on the wall but did not close it correctly and therefore the thermal bridges doesnt closing.
According to the international standard under which we work –
after completing the work has done we have to do make Thermographic images to ensure that there are no thermal bridges and mold.
In many cases did not enter enough air into the flow Air.

Before creating airy with the method of front airy calculate the dimensional space.



These pictures shows the principle of the airy method front wall:
* The blue part is the wall, the green part denotes the wall paneling.
* The red arrow indicates the direction of air flow from the bottom up.
* The yellow part is the isolation.
* Yield slowly held using aluminum plates within two cm from the wall
So that air can flow from the bottom up

An example of the wrong wall insulation


Photo illustrating excessive insulation


Examples of work

hinter_fassade_galeriebild1 hinter_fassade_galeriebild2 hinter_fassade_galeriebild3 hinter_fassade_galeriebild4
Slate paneling Slate paneling Slate paneling Natural aluminum siding wall
hinter_fassade_galeriebild5 hinter_fassade_galeriebild6 hinter_fassade_galeriebild7 hinter_fassade_galeriebild8
An example of using the metal-coated wall
with the method of front airy airy
Slate paneling  Ceramic paneling  Ceramic paneling
hinter_fassade_galeriebild9 hinter_fassade_galeriebild10 hinter_fassade_galeriebild11 hinter_fassade_galeriebild12
An example of the kind of structure built walls Eternit,
Stülpdeckung, modula The principle with the method of front airy
alucobond wall coating Ceramic paneling  Ceramic paneling
hinter_fassade_galeriebild13 hinter_fassade_galeriebild14 hinter_fassade_galeriebild15 hinter_fassade_galeriebild16
 Alucobond combining ceramics
Integrated ceramic wall and
Front airy method alucobond
And insulation.
Wall from Alucobond (material
Consisting of two aluminum plates
Thin with polycarbonate core, with
The ratio of strength / weight Excellent) with a view
airy method and isolation
 Keramik, Altair 12 DL
hinter_fassade_galeriebild17 hinter_fassade_galeriebild18
 Keramik, Altair 12 DL  Keramik, Altair 12 DL


Using thermographic images shows the flow of energy in the building. Using thermography can be
Accurately gauge where a hole has been in a flat roof or in the wall for example
hinter_fassade_galeriebild_thermo1 hinter_fassade_galeriebild_thermo2 hinter_fassade_galeriebild_thermo3 hinter_fassade_galeriebild_thermo4