An example of work in Abu Dhabi El G’ahili

Our work with clays boards in Abu Dhabi by the German company of Mr. Ben-Ami. All walls are panels with clays and plaster clays.

General energetic refurbishment in a ground house. 
In this project we built the interior walls with clays boards and heating system pipes.
Installed windows with three layers of glass with UV protection. Between the layers there are argon gas, environmentally friendly gas gives additional insulation.
Half of the house was built with the front airy method for the walls and hemp insulation. The roof was constructed with hemp insulation and photovoltaic system on the roof connected to the conservation or energy storage system. About 95% of the energy required to, produced by the house itself. All the walls were covered with plaster clays at the highest ecological standards

This house is called in Germany, an energy efficient house at the highest level – the home produce itself energy production to a level of 96%.