an old Construction that has not  replaced by us – you can see the mold and decay.
 Old insulation with mold and decay removed from the roof.
 New beam construction with anti-mold chemical.
 vapor Blocks with insulation and above the white pine, all laid over a construction beams. White pine is connected by nails stainless Vulcan
 Tiooks Sheets protect from penetration of water. Placed before the steang steam.
 Paste the tiooks sheet after the roof extension by using a special glue imported from Germany to seal the building. In this way, water can not enter the roof.

Anti-mold wall insulation, with the airy front method

We were invited to this house because the walls were full of mold.
We built all the house walls with the method of airy front and with the anti-insulating mold.
Anti-Mold is a special product from Germany we put to the wall using a the unique method of the Ben Ami Group.
The mold would never return to the walls in this home again, following the method of airy front.
This House will not be required in air conditioner in the summer and during the winter will save about 90% of the energy consumption.
This is a good example for advanced work in Europe and we hope that in Israel we will see more and more advanced projects and house type.


 Picture of the house before building the wall with the method of the airy front .
 To protect the insulation lay from the outside of the wall constructions Bode cement. This process protects the wall.