Heating and energy production by using fuel cell

The fuel cell was invented in Germany.
Such cells can also find in the most innovative submarines that Germany gave Israel.
German industry began in the late 90’s to explore and develop independent solutions for energy production.
The fuel cell was used until that time only in submarines and was a very large unit. During these years,
began its suitability for use in private consumption.
In 2008, Germany began the practical test of fuel cell in private homes and small companies and continued until 2012.
The system is now stabilized and ready for use, without any problems.
The fuel cell was developed during this time in parallel in Australia.
The system was tested by 1,000 households worldwide.
The system can change the gas to heating and energy .



In Israel today are considerable gas reservoirs

From this perspective, the system is very suitable for our country.
This system combined with a photovoltaic system and a conservation and energy storage makes your house an independent unit for 100 years.
It’s the next step for the future.

Schema – a look inside the fuel cell


1. Model of The fuel cell .
2. the heating system and water purification.
3. Gas cleaning system
4.Power management system



Scheme – which produce extra energy can be sold to the government.