Hemp Insulation

This product is a licensed European high technical quality. Hemp comes in plates and sheets Galilee.
It is used as insulator for walls, roof and floor.
The material is free of components causes skin irritation and free of dust – a good product for the  skin body at 100%.
Hemp has a higher insulating value for heat and cold. Hemp insulation ensures protection against penetration of cold in winter and protects against heat penetration in the summer.
The good diffusion is due to the natural material and automatically produces circulation of moisture in the air for a healthy room climate. with Hemp insulation is impossible to mold formation.
Attached are all quality certificates and licensing of the product in Germany and Europe.

Without Mold

Safest material for the owner of a house is with Hemp insulation.
European Institute for Healthy Living has conducted research which found that in every third building or a house exists mold in the house.

once you put Hemp insulation and good ventilation, there would not found formation of mildew in the house.

There is no cost during the evacuation of the product

Hemp is a natural product and if you decide to replace it at some point or to install another or new insulation, you can evacuate it without cost along with the regular trash.
Unlike other insulation materials – glass wool, Rock wool, polystyreneconcrete etc. – that with a replacement there are many costs for evacuate the material.
Buildings from the 60s to the 80s with a wall thickness of 360 mm have the energy balance – U-wert von 2,08 W/m2lK.
As a result, the energy required for heating a room  and recieve 22 ° C is 16.5” diesel per square meter for the outer wall.
The formula for finding the energy required for heating is (U-WERT * 8 = l Ol je m2 A / a) when used in isolation Hemp thickness 150 mm the U-Wert is better.
It changes to – (W / (m2lK 0,23). Energy savings as a result from using hemp to the wall insulation is by about 90%.

This is a certificate of the largest independent organization in Germany.
According to the certificate – Checking the 19 insulating materials – Hemp insulation received a grade of 1.9 – the highest.

This document is from the European Union for optimal recycling of natural resources by the Hemp

Hemp insulation recieved in June 2002 a diploma from the European Union for being a natural product isolation at the highest level.