Hemp insulation helps you in summer
New research conducted at the Technical University in Leipzig shows that many buildings under roof in the summer the hot air stays in the house.
However, when the insulation is installed correctly, this problem disappears.
In summer, the temperature rises.
When the insulation is not a good one  it climbs from 60 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius.




Ability to reduce the temperature in a dependent capacity of insulation material.
It was shown that hemp has the highest carrying capacity and thereby is it is practically prevents hot air come inside.

The graph shows the capacity of various insulation materials as hemp highest capacity.


The capacity of the hemp takes up to 10 hours before entering the 1-2 degree heat in room.
The capacity of all other materials is up to four hours.

According to the study, the buildings that are used with an isolation Hemp – when outside temperature was 35 degrees Celsius,
the temperature in the house was 20-23 ° C without the use of air conditioning.

Hemp has Another significant advantage – is a natural insecticide. Used in isolation, hemp will never be insect and mold problems.