Careful! Polystyreneconcrete – Insulation toxic!

Most insulating walls in the country is done through polystyreneconcrete.
When I first saw that, I was shocked. In Germany today there is an awakening because of disastrous results when burning polystyreneconcrete.
Polystyreneconcrete, it turned out, is a flammable substance that releases toxins by its combustion.
Here are Number of pictures of polystyreneconcrete its combustion:
This is a result of the combustion of polystyreneconcrete building of railroad cisterns gas cylinder.
Israel today is often at the Front fighting with rockets and missiles sent by the enemy to attack civilians and residential buildings.

Imagine what could be the size of the damage when a missile hit.


Burning a row of houses as a result of burning polystyreneconcrete,

12 people were killed as a result of the fire and inhaling the toxins that are released during the combustion of polystyreneconcrete.




This term vulnerable within Israel by rockets that are today in the hands of our enemies.








A firetrap

This is an example of a fire trap. This recently constructed building in Jerusalem.
The walls are painted in black isolated, but this color is flammable.
Insulation installed is kind of polystyreneconcrete during combustion, can not be shut off.
To ensure resistance to fire, use colored military fire resistant of the Ben Ami Group.

Fire resistant color and inhibits the spread for that allows the people escape from the building.