Clay boards
Benefits of Clay boards:
* Very comfortable interior works in a home or building.
* Create a pleasant environment, healthy and perfect climate within the room.
* Advanced insulation.
* Excellent acoustics in the room.
* Good for asthmatic and allergic because they absorb bad smells, dust and moisture.
* Self circulating level of humidity in the room.
* Boards can absorb the moisture and wetness five times then any other material in the world.
Sketch illustrating Clay boards with Clay plaster for finishing.


An example of Clay boards under a roof.


Under the clay board placed a  steam Blocker .
Clay boards attached to the wall by using pieces of impregnated wood


We cover the inside of the wall with wood and clay board and, when we use hemp insulation.



We set up a wall in the middle of the room with Clay with wood and clay board and hemp gives Excellent acoustics and perfect for a baby room. You can hang on the wall anything up to a weight of 80 kg.