Why to select a in the wall with heating system? – It’s good for you and the environment


The thermal radiation is better than hot air.
Unlike other heating systems, in the wall heating system there is no air circulation and therefore it does not carrying dust and the air is not dry.
This is the most advanced system for asthmatic and allergies.
A pleasant and healthy feeling
wood and clay board  export out of the room, by using diffusion, moisture, toxins and bad smells. The clay board has the highest standard in terms of acoustics and fire resistance. Is ideally suited for babies and children.
Heating and Cooling
Using this system can heat and cool without air conditioning.
It is necessary to pump water only.
Heating and cooling are performed without the noise of the air conditioner without a sense of dry air that runs out the air conditioner.
effective and saving system

In order to get a pleasant feeling at home, heating and cooling should arrive from the walls, floor and ceiling. Using this system can save up to 50% of the energy required for normal heating system.


climate Element of the Ben Ami Group

Clay plates have a thickness of 25 mm, which incorporated a system of pipes for heating water.
This is a option for heating walls.
* Our system have number of advantages:
* Ecological and economical heating energy.
* a pleasant feeling and healthy room.
* economical and Easy to assemble.
* Can be installed in any home or apartment where there is a heating system.


The back side of the Clay board, the board thickness is more than 25 mm in order to make room for pipes inside the heating system into the wall.


An example for installation of the heating system pipes in clay board.


A sketch of how you install the pipes inside theheating system